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Product Article no.
FSA 16 A 7520400
ESM 1716 FX 5552290
ESM 1716 WEB 5552282
ESM 1716 WEB RS 5552286
MBA 35118 N 1135560
OPM-LNB 032 9245500
OPM-LNB circ 032 9245506
OPM-LNB 064 9245502
OPM-LNB 100 9245504
OPM-LNB 100 Set 9245505
PSC 508 T 9268300
PSC 516 T 9268315
PSC 908 T 9268305
PSG 508 P 9268001
PSG 908 P 9268070
PSQ 505 AMP 9269036
PSQ 508 C 9269030
PSQ 508 P 9269001
PSQ 512 C 9269032
PSQ 512 P 9269002
PSQ 516 C 9269034
PSQ 516 P 9269003
PSQ 524 C 9269035
PSQ 524 P # 9269006
PSQ 532 P # 9269008
PSQ 908 C 9269038
PSQ 908 P 9269042
PSQ 909 AMP 9269045
PSQ 912 C 9269039
PSQ 912 P 9269043
PSQ 916 C 9269040
PSQ 916 P 9269044
PSQ 924 C 9269041
PSQ 924 P 9269026
PSQ 932 P 9269028
PSQ 1308 C 9269018
PSQ 1308 P 9269019
PSQ 1313 AMP 9269024
PSQ 1316 C 9269020
PSQ 1316 P 9269021
PSQ 1324 C 9269022
PSQ 1332 C 9269023
PSQ 1708 C 9269010
PSQ 1708 P 9269011
PSQ 1716 C 9269012
PSQ 1716 P 9269013
PSQ 1717 AMP 9269017
PSQ 1724 C 9269014
PSQ 1732 C 9269016
SCA 508-4 9269055
SCA 908-4 9269060
SV 100 1611200
FORST DABIO 5 2220000


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The core of our philosophy is uncompromised quality. Therefore POYLTRON will continue to rely on its in-house development and production in Germany. Beside all manufacturing steps at the production site Bad Wildbad, Germany also the part suppliers are controlled continuously.

Innovative concepts, modern production processes and a strict quality control ensure that we can offer extraordinary quality at reasonable prices to our customers.

Made in Germany

To ensure our products' and services' best possible quality,

  • Our production and service operation is certified according to the international quality standard ISO 9001:2000
  • We produce in Germany
  • We offer products meeting the high German engineering standards
  • Most of our products are class A certified
  • We invest in product innovations geared to market requirements
  • We focus on a skilled and dedicated team
  • All our products run through 24 h or 48 h continuous testings

Our POLYTRON stands for reliable customer relations in the spirit of partnership.
Our premium quality, flexibility and reliability of products and services are the reason for many longlasting partnerships. Market requirements and trends are realized in time.
Hence, POLYTRON convinces through competence and reliability.

Our employees have a high degree of industry and product experience. We can offer a first class technical support and assist our customer in planning and implementing of small and big projects. Out product range contains a perfect selection of high quality products in an optimal price quality ratio. Products developed on individual customer specifications complete the product portfolio.

POLYTRON has, for years, supplied OEM quality components and products for estab­lished brands.
Through our internal development, we are always ready to deal with indi­- vidual customer requirements quickly and easily.

Products are developed in our development department in close cooperation with our clients, brought to production readiness and then manufactured at our factory in Bad Wildbad.

With POLYTRON, you have a component system partner who from development to production and delivery is ready to manufacture your products with high value POLYTRON-engineering, made in Germany.


We love to help you realise your projects.
Our project management supports you for the whole duration of the project, to help you effectively handle your plans. From selection of the right reception solution, to preparation of an offer and planning right up to the commissioning of the system. It really doesn't matter to us if you are dealing with small reception systems in homes or guest houses, or large systems in housing complexes, holiday resorts or the like.

Our employees provide years of experience in the implementation of large and small projects and will answer all your questions.

As a "newbie" in the field of reception technology be sure to avail yourself of our specialist and product knowledge. Get to know the subjects of multiswitches and headends from POLYTRON and let yourself be impressed by our installation-friendly systems.

POLYTRON-Vertrieb GmbH

Langwiesenweg 64–71
75323 Bad Wildbad

Phone +49 7081 17020
Fax +49 7081 170250


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