The HDI 32 C converts IPTV transport streams into 32x DVB-C (QAM) channels. The output channels are freely selectable. The single streams (max 1024) are muxed into the DVB-C channels. The device's scrambler allows to encrypt up to 32 QAM channels. The HDI 32 C is characterized by a high integration density, high performance and low costs.

The HDI 2 C01 QAM modulator is a high performance modulator developed according to DVB-C (EN300429) standard. The unit receives IPTV streams coming via IP from encoders, multiplexers, DVB gateways, scramblers, etc.
HDI 2 C01 supports 2x IP (MPTS / SPTS) inputs and 2 QAM carrier outputs. Simultaneously, the modulator disposes the TS with RS encoding and QAM modulating. HDI 2 C01 can be used for broadcasting, interactive services, news gathering and other broadband satellite applications.

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