In order to receive two satellites with one dish, an additional LNB must be mounted. As it is mounted in an offset position, it "squints" to the other satellite.

The multi-feed support OSP-MFH 33 enables the mounting of 2 LNBs with a feed-diameter of 23 or 40 mm. It is used with the OSP 90 and can be mounted subsequently.

Dual reception of ASTRA and EUTELSAT 13° East may be the most interesting solution, but of course also other combinations are possible with the multi-feed support.

  • reception of 2 satellites with one dish
  • support for 2 LNBs

Technische Daten / Technical data
Typ / Type
Artikelummer / Article no.
geeignet für LNB / suitable for LNB
ø 23 mm / ø 40 mm