POLYTRON OPM-LNB 032The optical LNB OPM-LNB converts the received satellite signal into optical signals. Each SAT level is stacked one after another and is converted to the 950 MHz - 5.45 GHz frequency range. The newly created frequency band is then transmitted via an optical wavelength of 1310 nm.

The optical signal distribution occurs over a single single-mode fibre optic cable.
The LNB is powered via coax cable by the external 12 V power supply which has an F-connector.

POLYTRON OPM-LNB 100 KitIf more than 64 optical terminal units are needed, the OPM-LNB 100 kit will be used. In this case, the HF output signal of the LNB 100 will be split by a four way splitter OPM-AS32 to up to four electrical / optical converters OPM-CON.
Concurrently a terrestrial signal can be fed to the converter.

The converter features two optical outputs with 7 dBm performance, enabling 8 optical distribution networks with 256 optical termination units in total.

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