In addition to the right planning, the most important quality factor in the construction of multi-switch systems is reliable components. To ensure best quality and highest reliability, POLYTRON's PSQ multi-switches are manufactured in Germany.

The PSQ multiswitch series contains high quality 5, 9, 13 and 17 single and cascade multiswitches as well as matching amplifiers. The POLYTRON multiswitches can be used to realize powerful and flexible satellite-based reception and distribution systems.

The devices convince with their technical data, e.g. with high isolations of the lines and with a low energy consumption of the switching power supplies.

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Headends for the simultaneous conversion of decrypted and free-to-air programs

8x DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C in DVB-T with 4 CI

The new compact headend series models PCU 8112 and PCU 8122 allow the combined conversion of encrypted and free-to-air channels.
The input signal can be selected individually for each of the eight inputs: DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 or DVB-C. Four of the eight channels are equipped with a CI interface to decode encrypted signals. The headends convert the processed signals optionally into DVB-C or DVB-T.
The compact headends PCU 8112 and 8122 are the ideal choice when free-to-air channels and PAY-TV content are to be combined.
Application example:
Decrypted local channels combined with foreign language programs.  
Application of mixed reception:
Combination of satellite reception with local terrestrial programs.


More information: Conversion into DVB-C: PCU 8112     Conversion into DVB-T: PCU 8122

Conversion of 8 DVB-S/S2 transponders into DVB-C or DVB-T

The new PCU 8600 series HDTV compact headends convert signals from 8 satellite transponders into either DVB-C or
DVB-T channels.
The installation of the headends is improved with 4x8 switching board. The wide range of functions of the PCU series headends is also given here.

More information here: Conversion into DVB-C: PCU 8610 Conversion into DVB-T: PCU 8620

Conversion of 8 DVB-S/S2 transponders into DVB-C or DVB-T

The new PCU 8000 series HDTV compact headends convert signals from 8 satellite transponders into either DVB-C or DVB-T channels. 
The transport stream can be modified e.g. to delete programs, to adapt NIT / ONID data or to sort channels (programmes) using the LCN function. The PCU 8000 headends feature also allocating new TS IDs or SIDs with the remapping function.

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The optical nodes ON 1065 with built-in 65 MHz return path and ON 1000 without return path combine the superior proven technologies of both a POLYTRON RF amplifier and optical devices.
The two ways optical node delivers RF-signals (digital or analog) as well as high-speed data services over advanced hybrid fiber / coax (HFC) network. With the modular design the POLYTRON nodes can provide the full complement of functions required by advanced networks.

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1x HDMI in DVB-S

Modulator for conversion of a HDMI signal into a DVB-S signal.
The HDM-1 SL can be used flexibly and is able to process HDMI signals e.g. from satellite receivers, personal computers, cameras or DVD players.
HD signals are fully preserved.

The output channels can be fed into multiswitch distribution systems and / or can be received by common DVB-S receivers or TV sets with built-in digital tuner.

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4x HDMI in 2x DVB-C / DVB-T modulator

The modulator module SPM-H4TCT converts four HDMI signals into two DVB-C or DVB-T channels.

With the four HDMI inputs, four signals of digital receivers, DVD players or other HDMI sources can be processed and fed into the network with a single module. The changeable type of modulation allows the distribution of the output signals via cable (DVB-C / QAM) or terrestrial networks (DVB-T / COFDM).
In a single base unit SPM 2.000 up to six modules (up to 24 HDMI inputs), in a single base unit SPM 200 two modules (8 HDMI inputs) can be run.

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Twin DVB-S/S2 to DVB-C/T module with 2x CI

The SPM-STCT-CI is a twin module with two DVB-S/S2 inputs, two CI interfaces and changeable output modulation via menu.
Both independent tuners have got one CI interface which allows reception and central decryption of two DVB-S/S2 transponders which are processed to DVB-C or DVB-T afterwards.
The output signals can be processed for distribution in DVB-C (QAM) or DVB-T (COFDM) networks due to the changeable output modulation.

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