With increasing CATV distribution, difficulties arise at house connections because of potential equalizing currents.
Large potential differences result in remotely fed CATV systems due to large currents through the cable core and shielding.

This results in unacceptly high equalizing currents after the house connection point even when correct connection has been made with the earth potential of the current supplies.
The electrically strong capacitive separation of the KTG between cable core and shielding is the ideal solution for such problems.

  • capacitive separation of cable core and shielding for prevention of equalizing currents between different potentials
Technische Daten / Technical data
Typ / Type
KTG 220 F
Beschreibung / Description
galvanisches Trennglied / galvanic separator
Artikel-Nr. / Article no.
Frequenzbereich / Frequency range
5-1000 MHz
Durchgangsdämpfung / Through loss
≤ 0,7 dB
Electrical strenght
Innenleiter / inner core 2000 V ;
Kabelmantel / shielding 2000 V
Rückflussdämpfung / Return loss
≥ 20 dB bis 40 MHz (-1,5 pro octave)
Schirmungsmaß / Screening factor
≥ 75 dB
Anschlüsse / Connectors
F-Buchse / F socket
Maße / Dimensions
ca. 50 x 45 x 30 mm
Gewicht / Weight
0,14 kg

Case for KTG 220 F with ground clamp: KTG-APG, article no. 7141409