For rejection of interfering frequencies

SF 5-790/50 LTE-FilterThe introduction of LTE as the new standard of mobile broadband internet often causes problems receiving digital terrestrial TV channels.
If a LTE transmitter is located within immediate proximity to the DVB-T antenna or if smartphones are used close to the antenna, the frequency closeness of the two standards provokes massive interferences in the signal transmission of DVB-T.
To ensure interruption-free reception in a DVB-T reception system the POLYTRON LTE filters are used in between the reception antenna and the first amplifier resp. the set top box.
By usage of high quality components, the filters reach strong lowering and feature large blocking depth and a steep filter slope.

SF 5–790 for receiving systems, that use channels 58, 59 and 60 with DVB-T.

  • for rejection of interfering frequencies of LTE
  • rejection range: 814–950 MHz
  • pass through range:  5–790 MHz resp. 5–766 MHz
  • high rejection depth: 50 dB
  • steep filter slope
Typ / Type
SF 5-790 / 50
Artikel-Nr. / Article no.
Durchlassbereich / Pass through range
5–790 MHz
Dämpfung / Loss
2 dB
Sperrbereich / Rejection range
814–950 MHz
Sperrtiefe / Rejection
50 dB
Maße / Dimensions
62 x 74 x 20 mm
Gewicht / Weight
0,08 kg