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Rejection filter adaptor for 2 hole and 3 hole antenna outlets. BSK 0 and BSK 10 for blocking of CATV supply, BSK K... for providing selected programs.

Dummy adaptors for subscribers neither interested in TV nor radio programs.
BSK 0  dummy adaptor for 2-way outlets, article no. 2573500
BSK 3  dummy adaptor for 3-way outlets, article no. 2573510

Blocks the TV- and radio socket of antenna outlets, only the multimedia socket for telephony and internet remains accessible.

After mounting of the adaptor, it can only be removed by destroying the security disc. The security screw can only be screwed out with the special tool BSK SS. So no undetected tampering is possible!

  • easy usage, effective virtue

Article no. 2573530

Antenna socket with mounted rejection filter BSK 10.