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With POLYTRON's receiver-powered multiswitches, the choice of the installation place is free and independent of mains connections. The devices of the PSG eco series distribute 5 resp. 9 input signals (4x SAT, 1x Terr. resp. 8x SAT, 1x Terr) to 8 or 16 subscriber outputs. The multiswitches themselves as well as the connected LNB are supplied by the receivers or TV sets connected to the distribution network.

POLYTRON PSG eco multiswitches

Stand-alone multiswitches for distribution of 4 SAT IF polarisations and terrestrial signals. The IF levels are selected with the switching criterias 13/18 V, 0/22 kHz.

Cascadable multiswitches for distribution of 4 SAT IF polarizations and terrestrial signals.

POLYTRON Multiswitches PSG II 5 IN Cascade

POLYTRON PSG 5 IN multiswitch application