Plug-in modules

Due to the available selection of splitter and taps the configuration of the outputs (line out, output 1, output 2) is flexible.

Return path modules are available as active version (with amplification) and  as passive version (without amplification).

The AGC regulation module VMC 05 – applicable in all CV and HV amplifiers – uses the sum level of the CATV system to regulate the level.
A pilot tone generator is not necessary. For levelling the AGC module, the setting module VMC-E is required.

Diplex filters split the forward and return path for separate amplification.

The attenuator module decreases the amplification and the output level up to -20 dB.

The service module for return path measurements is used instead of the diplexer at the amplifier output.

Equalizers for forward or return path compensate the increasing attenuation of passive components to higher frequencies.

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